Husband Favorites!

When I met my husband he was not really a foodie... packaged, pre-marinated chicken was the dish of the day, every day!  He was once heard to say "Life would be great if I could only take a pill so I didn't have to waste time eating."

What a difference a few years makes!  While our opinions don't always mesh, we both have developed a taste for finer foods.  Fresh, organic produce has become our preferred choice and he is now often heard to say, "Hey... do you want to head to the Farmer's Market tomorrow?"

He enjoys food with a lot of flavor.  Cilantro and basil are among his top choices along with just about anything containing a Mexican flair, the spicier the better.  Desserts are not high on his list, although he does enjoy the occasional cheesecake.  

Below are some of his favorite dishes from our blog.  Most of these are tried and true and have been tested on other men in our neighborhood as well, always with the same successful thumbs up rating.  While he approves of almost all of the recipes we have listed, these recipes have his overwhelming stamp of approval as "Husband Favorites"!





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