Moorea - 2010
19 years ago I began cooking for my husband.  After 7 days of pasta cooked 6 different ways, he arrived home from an errand with a cookbook in hand suggesting I might want to spread my wings and try something, anything, just a little different.   Unbeknownst to him, he had just started a collection that years later is still growing.

My love of cooking has grown exponentially over the years and while I am in no way a professional, my family has been well fed and looks forward to most of our meals.  Local, fresh, and organic ingredients make up our menu as often as possible with Trader Joe's being a frequent stop on my shopping rounds.  Our meals are usually healthy choices with grilled meats or fish accompanied by fresh (organic when possible) fruits, salads and vegetables.   That being said, we are also fans of full fat cheesecakes, gooey cinnamon rolls and bubbling, fresh from the oven, cheesy lasagna.   Balance in life is important...!

Cultivated from an early age, my passion for photography has been a wonderful fit for Liv Life.  Kindly indulging me on our many adventures, my dear husband has spent numerous hours and traveled great distances helping me to find and capture that perfect shot.  Landscape has always been my specialty, but I'm working on portrait and, with this blog, food photography - which I never had any idea was so difficult.  

Our family of 4 lives in coastal Carlsbad, California and enjoys our life by the sea with our two Maltese pups.  My teenage son is a surfer and is thinking of becoming a doctor, while my daughter Liv currently focuses her time on dance.  Replacing Soccer Mom with Dance Mom in my job titles has been a joy and between my chauffeuring duties in addition to the jobs of food acquisition, house keeping, dog walking and grooming, nursing, cooking and blogging, the addition of costume sewing, rhinestoning, hair dressing and travel planning keep me fairly busy.

Liv is the inspiration for Liv Life.  With her extreme joy in nearly everything she does, Liv is teaching me and others a skill that she has perfected since a young age... to "Liv" Life each and every day, something she does to the full extent of her being.  I hope to follow suit.

Liv, living life on the stage - 2011

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